Steve Gordon – Managing Director. Head of Banking Services. BS in Finance from University of Illinois, MBA from Northwestern University and F.C. Austin Scholar. Member of the original team that founded OTC Derivatives business at Bankers Trust Co. Previously Head of the Capital Markets Department of NatWest (USA). Expert in derivatives, market risk, core deposit, credit risk and operational risk modeling.

Quantitative Analysts – Our quantitative analysts are typically recruited from advanced degree programs at leading local universities which have included the University of Connecticut, Yale University, Stevens Institute of Technology and the University of Massachusetts, among others.

Associated Mathematicians:

Wall Street North also has a group of Doctoral mathematicians each of which have worked with us on numerous specific projects over the past 10 years. These include the past head of the Statistics department at a major East Coast University, plus additional PhDs in Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science who have also assisted in our development of various proprietary models in our fields of practice. These mathematicians are also experts in risk modeling, derivatives valuation and programming.