Wall Street North Consulting specializes in risk quantification services for financial institutions. We are experts in the capital markets, risk modeling and enterprise risk management. Our staff is composed almost entirely of mathematicians, and analysts with considerable direct experience in risk measurement for large financial institutions. We can also help you to benchmark your risk policies and procedures to industry “Best Practices” and provide advice on how to integrate your policies with your risk measurement and modeling.

Our modeling expertise has been developed through first-hand experience designing, implementing, reviewing and validating risk models for both clients and employers in every field of interest to financial institutions. This would include statistical modeling of: (1) Market Risk, (2) Investment Risk, (3) Derivatives, (4) Core Deposits, (5) Credit Risk and (6) Insurance Risks. We are quite familiar with the most widely used software models available in these fields and in how to apply these models, including identifying alternative data sources, how to develop assumptions and how to select among alternative methodologies that are available within these risk modeling software services. In addition, Wall Street North has developed our own in-house models and/or publicly available software for Economic Capital modeling, Credit Risk modeling, Operational Risk modeling, Insurance Risk modeling, and Core Deposit modeling.